San Pyae Lin/React Native CollapsingToolbar

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React Native CollapsingToolbar

“Screen Shot 1” “Screen Shot 2”

Getting Started

$ npm i react-native-collapsingtoolbar


Import the component:

    import CollapsingToolbar from 'react-native-collapsingtoolbar';
    import Icon from 'react-native-vector-icons/Ionicons';

        leftItem={<Icon name="md-menu" size={30} color="#fff" />}
        rightItem={<Icon name="md-create" size={30}  color="#fff" />}   
        title='Demo Toolbar'


Prop Type Default description
src object require(‘img.png’) or {uri: url}
title string Home toolbar title
titleColor string #fff toolbar title text color
toolbarColor string #e91e63 toolbar background color
toolbarMaxHeight number 300 maximum height of toolbar
toolbarMinHeight number 55 minimum height of toolbar
leftItem PropTypes.element toolbar left menu item
leftItemPress func
leftItem PropTypes.element toolbar right item
rightItemPress func
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